You Are Scary

It’s always been easy for me to sing the praises of others.  I’ll be the first to tell you how beautiful my mother is, how talented my sister is and how one of my guy friends could charm the skin off a snake.  Presenting my own highlight reel on the other hand, has always seemed a little bit more difficult.  Growing up I didn’t see a lot of women I viewed as role models and so like many girls, I stepped onto the long and winding path of figuring out who to become.  I tried on a few different personas from shy friend, to emotionally damaged artist, to party girl in the small dresses.  Not very comfortable, those little dresses, and none of the aforementioned characters were my forte.  It’s funny how what you are meant to be is usually who you have been all along and sometimes other people see you more clearly than you see yourself.  So here are some of my favorite compliments from my friends that remind me of who I am–hopefully one of these will help remind you of who you are too!

 image1 (1)



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