Following My Whimsey

This year I coined a phrase that I love and whenever people ask me why I’m doing certain things I say “I’m following my whimsey!”  When asked why I’m dancing when there’s no dance floor, “I’m following my whimsey!”  When asked why my hair is red, “I’m following my whimsey!”  Why am I writing this blog?  I’m following my whimsey!

I’ve found that personal fulfillment is one of the most important things when it comes to being happy in life and if I’m happy, the whole world is happier and benefits.  When you are not happy you turn into one of these people.

office space

This week my whimsey said “there are some of my songs that will not be released unless my voice is the one representing them.”  It was like when Sylvester Stallone wrote Rocky and insisted that he star in it.


It doesn’t have to make sense to other people because sometimes I can’t explain why I feel certain things and it defies what seems logical, but ask any successful person and I bet they won’t say that they got to where they are by ignoring their impulses.

Be you the world will adjust

Following your whimsey is a lot like following The Siren.  It’s honoring that little voice within more than any that come from without.  It’s making the hard decisions and sometimes other people tell me I’m crazy.


So I just assume I’m the weirdest person in any room.


And when someone tells me I’m selfish for following my whimsey


because I know that it’s even more selfish for someone else to ask me to follow their whimsey.


Life should be beautiful 

FullSizeRender (1)

and fulfilling


and fun


whatever that looks like for each of us.


So never give up on hopes and dreams,

FullSizeRender (2)

be true to who you are 


and above all, always


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