The Hero

This month I’ve been exploring the idea of The Hero and as I continue to reframe my thoughts and reshape my life, this concept has been particularly fun to play with.  Everybody loves a Hero and little girls especially are taught to dream of being rescued from the whoas of life by some hooded figure that underneath looks like Christian Bale as his finest 8 pack wielding self.  This “someday my prince will come” mentality seeped into me for a time as I was shown Damsels in distress, Pretty Woman saved from hookerdom by a sexy Silver Fox and Cinderella who couldn’t even treat herself to a nice mani-pedi after all that cleaning.  If I’m sitting around waiting for a Hero or Prince Charming to find my other stiletto, what does that make me?  A VICTIM.

The last month I’ve taken on some new challenges and as I’ve run into difficult situations the thought has come up “who do I call right now to help me with this?”  Instead of playing into the victim and frantically scanning my favorites on speed dial, I’ve started learning to be my own Hero.  Trusting myself and my inner voice–my Siren–and looking for answers and comfort there instead of in something or someone external.  When life kicks the ass of a Hero, they dig deep and get back up.  When things look hopeless, Heroes fight harder.  Being a Hero is no walk in the park, sometimes people think your costume is funny, or that because you wield great power you are a threat to them, but one thing a Hero never does is give up.

So I’ve started asking myself “Would a Hero call her friends and complain about someone that was rude?”  Not so much.  “Would a Hero worry about what other people think?”  Nah, she’d be too busy being awesome.  “Would a Hero do a happy dance when something good happens?”  Hell yeah she would.

It’s not that I save babies from runaway trains now or anything but sometimes being a Hero is as simple as getting up off the floor, drying the tears and putting on a smile.  In the same way Bruce Wayne puts on his mask and becomes Batman, it feels like I’m taking off my mask when I become The Siren.  As I shed layers of old beliefs and past conditioning, the more I take off the more I feel like myself.

So who is my Hero?  She is confident, powerful and alarmingly in touch with her own sensual radiance. She finds adventure and play in the unknown instead of fear or stress.  She never feels the need to be cruel or abuse her power, because the real show of strength is in kindness.  She is strong, intelligent and fierce.  So as I continue to befriend my inner Hero, maybe not yet, maybe not all the time, but more every day, She is me.

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